Morning Meal:Day 1

2 Potatoes


2 Eggs

….The Repeat 

Next Semester

Here we are barely half way through my new 1st semester of school…I have all A’s I look forward to absolute and total victory. Focus/Discipline/Sacrifice now I need to choose classes


All the hard work I put in is for my future…my future kids, my future wife, my future dreams, my future trials, my future self…everything is so fucked up and chaotic right now I just keep my eyes toward the silver linings…

"A King May Move A Man, A Father May Claim A Son, But That Man Can Also Move Himself & Only Then Does That Man Truly Begin His Own Game, Remember That Howsoever You Are Played Or By Whom, Your Soul Is In Your Keeping Alone, Even Though Those Who Play You Be Kings & Men Of Power, When You Stand Before God You Cannot Say I Was Told By Other To Do This Or That Virtue Was Not Convenient At The Time…This Will Not Suffice, Remember This"

Kingdom of Heaven